Summer 2021

This June, the pandemic restrictions began to lift just in time for us to hold a modified graduation. It was a welcome return to a cherished tradition.
Each graduate deserves the chance to walk across the stage, receive their diploma or certificate and be celebrated. Our simple walk-through graduation had just enough pomp and circumstance for them to bask in the pride of their significant accomplishment. Although not all participated in the ceremony, we graduated 93 students in 2021! 

Spring 2021

In this installment of the DALC newsletter, we examine “What it Means to be an American” from several perspectives including that of immigrants and women. The article on the front page, written by DALC teacher Barbara Viscano, examines “Americanism” from those who were not born in this country, but came here for a better (or at least different) experience. By reading stories about the history of America, and opening up discussions, the students bring their own perspective as immigrants and examine what it is like to truely “feel” like an American. There is also a piece by student Jennifer Rios Lopez featured in our annual “In Our Own Words” writing compilation which discusses women and their roles in the justice system, examining the differences in opinions of women from different cultural perspectives as well as opportunities afforded to them. 

Fall 2020

Fall 2020 Newsletter

The phrase “Back to School” certainly has a new meaning this year. The global pandemic has changed the way we all work, learn and play.  We’ve introduced new formats for classes, with online, in-person and hybrid options. We can help with technical skills and devices for learning at home. We’ve adapted our classrooms to promote safe distancing and adoptedthe now standard protocols of screening, frequent sanitation and mask wearing that ensure the least risk of infection.  It’s still the DALC you know and love, and we are still here to help anyone on an educational journey! However, a more fitting phrase might be, “Forward Ahead”!

Spring 2020

At DALC, lives are truly transformed through education. Adults and youth get a second chance, a fresh start or a new opportunity. They become better prepared for work, college and training, and improve their skills as family members and citizens. Here, they find opportunity, self-confidence and economic wellbeing. Thank you to each and every one of you who has played a part in building this amazing learning community.

Spring 2019

DALC Received Capacity-building Grant

DALC will receive $10,000 a year for three years and will use it to build long-term sustainability, increase capacity, and tackle organizational challenges. A new marketing effort will reach new populations, like individuals who already have a high school credential but may still be struggling in low-wage jobs. We can help them build skills, find career options, connect to resources, and continue their education. We will also reach out to employers with ways to upskill their current workforce and help develop their workforce pipeline.

Winter 2019

Meet Bridget Barker, our new Adult Learner Services Coordinator.

Her background makes her a perfect fit for this diverse community-based adult education program, which encompasses everything from recruiting, training, and matching tutors with students, to leading the Friday ESL discussion group, to reaching out to local non-profit organizations and assessing how DALC can help with their adult education needs.

Fall 2018

Donors: Our Silent Partners. Over the years, nearly 600 individuals and organizations have made donations to Dover Adult Learning Center. Without the support of each of you, we would not be able to help our students overcome barriers to success.  Childcare, scholarships and the counselor’s emergency fund all rely on your donations to exist. Your donations are as important to our students’ success as tables and whiteboards, books and computers.  You are the silent beating heart behind all we do. Thank you!

Debbie and Friends

Summer 2018

Debbie Liskow, Adult Tutorial Coordinator since 2000, retires.

Her patient and compassionate service will be missed, but how can we help but delight in her chance to spend time with her grandchildren and doing her favorite activities.

Spring 2018

Accomplishments this School Year

As always, we celebrate our graduates, but also take a look at some behind-the-scenes achievements critical for adults seeking to move to forward on their education and career path. One example, after finishing ESL for Health Careers, a new class created this year, students have plans to start an LNA business or explore Medical Assistant training at Great Bay Community College.

Winter 2018

In Our Own Words: My Nongtang Life by Aiting

Did you know that in each newsletter we publish a selection from our year-end compilation of student, staff and volunteer works? In this issue we learn about life in “a typical old residential community in Shanghai,”

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