In Our Own Words

In Our Own Words, published by DALC since 1989, is a collection of original writings. In poetry, personal reflection and artwork, adult students reveal their diversity, as well as their commonality as learners.

Revelations…By Amy Yeoman

Tranquil sand below my feet
deafening waves desperate to meet
the sky lying awake like a black sheet
mellow glimmering stars impulsively neat

The breeze slithering over my shell
filling my soul with a dreamy spell
the balmy smell of the sea will tell
if a storm is brewing, if it will dwell

The naked land for miles around
my thoughts aloud going unfound
allowing my tears to billow down
wanting answers, with no responding sound

My silhouette dancing as a fawn
I stop and stare, my fears magically gone
lithe in the moonlight, a distant song
I discover, God was there all along.
My Motorcycle…By Roger Fernald

I, Roger Fernald, have a story to tell. I have a 2012 Kawasaki 900. The colors are brown metallic and off-yellow. The motorcycle had 0 miles on it when I got it from Rochester Motorsports in Rochester, NH. I bought the motorcycle for eleven thousand dollars on July 6, 2012. I have almost three thousand miles on it. Most of the miles are from traveling from Farmington to Portsmouth two to four days a week to go to work. I also use the motorcycle for doctors’ appointments.
I also use the motorcycle for pleasure going to see a friend up in Tilton, up to the Weirs or down to the Hampton beaches, enjoying the ride along the beach, no hurry to be anywhere, taking my time going home. I enjoy just going for rides. It is so peaceful, not knowing where I end up.


Free Because of Incarceration….By C.C.
I’m free being locked up in jail. One would say this person’s noodles have slid off his plate. Not too long ago, I would have agreed with you, the reader. Please let me explain. I am presently locked up in Strafford County Department of Corrections. Anyone local that comes to visit overnight calls it the county jail. This facility runs a three-month, intense drug and alcohol recovery program called the Therapeutic Community. This amazing program teaches addicts and alcoholics the tools of recovery; however, this program offers inmates much more than just recovery. It also offers a full relapse prevention package, which are new thinking patterns, key relationship tips, and healthy living strategies. Being proactive in all elements of recovery is the key to success. I have lived my life in a daily nightmare because of addiction. Now that I’m locked up and living in recovery, I’m free.