There’s a New Test in town!

HiSETBeginning in 2014, the New Hampshire High School Equivalency certificate will be based on the HiSET instead of the GED®

Many things about the high school equivalency test will remain the same. The new test will still assess 5 key content areas: math, reading, writing, science and social studies. The credential granted will still be approved by the NH Department of Education and signed by the Commissioner of Education.

Some things will change.  The HiSET will be available on paper and on computer, and there will be an opportunity for test takers to demonstrate college and career readiness by scoring at a higher level that the minimum passing score.

Even if NH had stayed with GED, all current scores would still expire at the end of 2013. Anyone who has started taking GED tests should try to finish. GED tests are being given through December 20 at Dover Adult Learning Center. One last test will be given at the Bureau of Adult Education in Concord on Dec 27.

If you don’t  make the GED deadline, don’t worry.  DALC will be offering the HiSET beginning in February.  If you passed a GED test before, chances are you will be able to pass that test with the HiSET. And if you need to brush up, we can help with that, too.  Free classes and tutoring are available to eligible students.  Call DALC for more information.

Employers, please recognize that in the new year, HiSET  scores will replace GED® scores.  Passing scores on the HiSET will mean a candidate is a qualified high school graduate.  If your application forms say “GED ®”, you will want to change them to read “High School Equivalency”.

Additional information about HiSET and GED, as well as test and class schedules, tutoring and more can be found online at nor by calling 742-1030.

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