Fundraising dinner a success

On Monday, Nov. 7, on what would have been Andrew Aimesbury’s 22nd birthday friends and family gathered to honor his memory.

The dinner served over 300 meals and raised over $4,000 in scholarship funds to honor Andrew Aimesbury.  This scholarship will help adult learning center students overcome barriers to continuing their education.

A Message from Executive Director Deanna Strand

If you have the opportunity to thank the Kelsey and Aimesbury families, please do. Their tireless efforts made this event so successful. They are an amazing group of people who turned a devastating loss into an uplifting experience and an opportunity to help others.  They have my deepest gratitude for their immense generosity in the wake of unimaginable loss.

Please also join me in thanking everyone from DALC who helped Andrew’s family and friends at the fundraising dinner!

  • Diane, who served oodles of banana pudding,
  • Debbie, who valiantly handled the Square register,
  • Donna, who distributed dozens of to-go containers,
  • Don and Rosemary, who ably staffed the DALC information table, and
  • The many staff people and board members who came for dinner, took meals to go and made donations.

Deanna Strand