Center Stars

Meet our current and former students who are accomplishing great things in and out of the classroom!

  • Temo, a collector of achievements
    Check out Temo on NH Chronicle on WMUR A bomb buried in the ground could have destroyed the life of soldier Temo Dadiani, Dover Adult Learning Center (DALC) ESL student from the country of Georgia. In 2011, after four months participating in an international peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan, Dadiani stepped on an IED (Improvised Explosive… Read more: Temo, a collector of achievements
  • Project I-DEA
    Last year, DALC launched two sections (morning and evening) of Washington state’s hybrid curriculum, Integrated Digital English Acceleration or Project I-DEA. This coursework uses themed modules (Health and Wellness, pictured) and a 3 hours in-class, 3 hours at-home structure. Every six weeks, a new module is introduced, keeping the work challenging and interesting. Kayleigh Guzel’s… Read more: Project I-DEA
  • Sandi’s Humanities Connections Class
    Sandi Straus and her ESL Level 2 class participated in NH Humanities Connections Class with a Dover High School ESL class this Spring.  They read and discussed three children’s books about immigration experiences in the US.  At the end of the class, each student created a quilt square that represented something from one of the… Read more: Sandi’s Humanities Connections Class
  • Marcia and Leticia
    What a difference a year Makes! Marcia is a student from Brazil. She has been here, along with her husband who is studying at UNH, for the past year. Marcia is in Joyce’s ESL Level 2 class, has taken Beginning Computer Literacy and Pronunciation classes, and is currently enrolled in our Job Search and Interviewing… Read more: Marcia and Leticia
  • Carol’s Citizenship Class
    Carol Birch with her soon-to-be-citizens.  These students are working hard in her US Citizenship class.  They will need to learn US history and how the government works.  The will need to demonstrate basic English reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.  They will have to pass a written test and an interview before they can finally… Read more: Carol’s Citizenship Class
  • David Brown
    David Brown working with one of his tutors, Celine Richardson.  David has been participating in tutoring sessions twice a week for five years.  He wants to improve his reading skills because, “Reading opens up the whole world.” 
  • Nicole
    Nicole took a big step by coming to Kim Hanson’s math class the first week of classes. Her goal is to pass the HiSET so that she can go to Beauty School. Another reason for getting her high school equivalency certificate is to set an example for her daughter. She says, “It’s hard to push your… Read more: Nicole
  • Mike
    “He is one of those people that you wonder how were we so lucky to have him?” said Jill Taylor. Mike is a volunteer and helps out in the evening HiSET classes.   Last fall he wanted to volunteer somewhere as he felt volunteering was important.  He looked up “volunteer tutoring” online and found that Dover… Read more: Mike
  • Arthur and Lisa
    Two students in Carol Birch’s ESOL class have earnestly been working on improving their English. They both were in Jodi Edward’s class last year, and both progressed to Carol Birch’s class this year. You will find them there every Tuesday and Thursday evening working on their pronunciation and writing, with a lot of laughter in… Read more: Arthur and Lisa
  • Ray
    Editors Note: Ray passed away this summer, he will be missed. Ray Stackpole can talk for hours about race horses. He spent many years taking care of horses before and after some of the biggest races. Now Ray volunteers at the horse stables of the Dover Police Department. He also goes to the Senior Center… Read more: Ray
  • Fred
      Fred Maloy has had to cut back on many of his activities, like driving, due to his Parkinson’s disease. But as far as reading goes, he devotes several hours a day to improving his reading. Fred will be 80 this summer. Before he retired, he could not read. Even when he was a foreman… Read more: Fred
  • Natalie and Elizabeth
    Natalie and Elizabeth lead very busy lives but yet make sure they attend Donna Shannon’s Life Skills classes on Tuesday/Thursday morning plus Tiffany Brand’s Monday night computer classes. On the day they were interviewed, they were learning about beneficiaries and insurance in Donna’s class. “She makes our brains hurt,” one twin said of Donna. “She… Read more: Natalie and Elizabeth
  • Adrian
    Driven by his desire to speak English more fluently, Adrian will gladly try his new language out on anyone willing to talk with him. Since arriving from Colombia in January of 2011, he has been attending classes here at Dover Adult Learning Center. When he arrived, he could read English, but he could not speak… Read more: Adrian
  • Hoanh
    Yes, many people talk very fast making it hard on Hoanh to understand what they are saying. Even her 9 year-old grandson, Andy, talks very fast. But, Hoanh perseveres and continues to come to come to English classes at DALC to learn English. “I need things slow,” she said with a smile. “I want to… Read more: Hoanh