Your Path to Success

As the number of adults without a high school diploma continues to decrease a new problem arises. How can these adults find success in a highly competitive job market?

New Hampshire ranks among the top five states in educational attainment (adults over 25 who have at least a high school diploma) but as industry and service sector jobs become more dependent on technology, often a high school credential is not enough.

U.S. Census data also show that when it comes to an advanced degree New Hampshire still makes the top ten but just barely; and notably below most of the rest of New England making the regional job market that much more competitive.

Figuring out the next step is the job of counselors in the Career Pathways program at Dover Adult Learning Center.

If someone earns their high school equivalency through the HiSET (or GED prior to 2014) they may still need to build their skills to succeed in a college level or technical program.

“When I took the placement tests necessary for me [to] begin taking classes at Great Bay, it became evident that I would need some help in the area of Algebra in order to take classes at a college level. I believe that many students who have found themselves in positions similar to mine end up taking developmental classes at the College and receive no credit for them. In my case, an individual I know suggested an alternative route: receive tutoring at the Dover Adult Learning Center. I did just that, and thanks to the teachers at DALC and a volunteer tutor, I was able to gain a much better understanding of Algebra. Last week I was able to retake the placement test, and my score has been raised to a level more than sufficient for me to be placed in college level, ‘for-credit’ Math courses.” ~Christian Dawley

Recent immigrants may have earned advanced degrees in their country but are starting over here.

“Years back, I still remember a girl who even can’t correctly speak a whole sentence and hardly have a conversation with people. Now I achieve my dream step by step with their help. I am a current student of Great Bay Community College. Meanwhile, I am also continuing studying in Dover Adult Learning Center for my limited English.” ~Jingying Lin

Sometimes life itself just throws too many challenges for someone to succeed in a traditional educational setting.

“For a long time I thought that I had no chance going to college because regular attendance of high school was difficult between hospitalizations and outpatient appointments. Getting my GED gave me the chance to attend the four year university where I am currently enrolled, Susquehanna University. Today I am a happy and healthy Psychology major who will graduate in 2017. I have so much to be thankful for . . .” ~Anady Richardson

At Dover Adult Learning Center our Career Pathways program is about finding your path to success.