Integrated Education and Training

Academic skills and job preparation for high demand occupations

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Communication for Health Careers (In Person/online)

Pre-apprenticeship for MA, home health aide, LNA with support from ApprenticehshipNH

  • Immigrant nurses, doctors, dentists, learn how to transfer your credentials
  • General ESL students learn how to enter the US healthcare field
  • Role play speaking and listening as a medical professional
  • Improve pronunciation, fluency, and clarity
  • Discuss requirements to become licensed in the US
  • Revise your CV/resume and practice interview skills
  • Includes opportunity to interview for positions at partner organizations
  • Free to eligible participants; placement test may be required

Exploring Coding & IT Careers

Explore how apps and websites are made: algorithms; coding structure; web pages and apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Learn career opportunities.

You might want to take this course if you:

  • like using a computer
  • are curious about coding
  • want to learn how to code apps and web pages
  • want to learn about careers in IT
  • free to eligible participants; placement test may be require