Natalie and Elizabeth

Natalie and Elizabeth lead very busy lives but yet make sure they attend Donna Shannon’s Life Skills classes on Tuesday/Thursday morning plus Tiffany Brand’s Monday night computer classes.

On the day they were interviewed, they were learning about beneficiaries and insurance in Donna’s class. “She makes our brains hurt,” one twin said of Donna. “She gets us thinking every day.” They both enjoy Donna’s classes. “I like Donna and the way she teaches,” Natalie said. Right now they are learning the U.S. states and their locations. The goal is to be able to fill in a blank outlined map by the end of the year.

The twins have attended Donna’s classes for the past two years. They both agree that they have become smarter as they have strengthened their multiplication, addition, and subtraction skills. They also read and write stories more than previously. They love the activities in class: word searches, Christmas balls, and making Easter eggs. And, they’ve become friends with others in the class.

In addition, the twins have attended three of Tiffany’s computer classes. Presently they are taking keyboarding to improve their speed. Previously
they took beginning computers and Excel. With Tiffany as their teacher, they said they have learned a lot, such as PowerPoint and spreadsheets. “I’ve learned so much that I’ve never done before,” said one of the twins. Both are thinking of going on in school. Elizabeth would like to go to beauty school to learn cosmetology, and Natalie wants to be a prep cook or office work.

When they are not in classes, they go to the UNH horse barn to ride as well as to The Works to exercise. When their neighbor or their friend is available, they go to the Mall, the movies, or out to eat. Then there are their three cats and new dog, Patches, at home. They got Patches in December. He is a Chiweenie which is a Dachshund and Chihuahua mix. It is hard to believe they have time for everything, but it is obvious they are immersed in living, learning, and enjoying life.