Yes, many people talk very fast making it hard on Hoanh to understand what they are saying. Even her 9 year-old grandson, Andy, talks very fast. But, Hoanh perseveres and continues to come to come to English classes at DALC to learn English. “I need things slow,” she said with a smile. “I want to talk fast!”

Hoanh came to the United States from Tien Giang, Vietnam in 2005 to join her son, Dung, and his family. She left one daughter, four sons, and another grandson in Vietnam. Every month she talks with her family back home.

Since 2005 she has come to DALC to take English classes with many of the ESOL teachers, including Thuy, Paula, Pam, and Bill. Now she is taking English classes with Joyce in the morning. She does not drive and relies on her son to drive her to class. Because of his job, she explained, the evening class is the option now. But, Hoanh is very happy in Joyce’s class. She also meets with a volunteer tutor, Judi, one day a week. “I understand now,” she said proudly.

Hoanh is happy to learn English and be in the U.S. She said that she watches television, including the news and cooking shows. She does take walks alone, but when it snows, “I do not go out.” And, excitedly she says that she likes the freedom in the U.S.