Sapta Ariani wears a big smile when she talks about Carol Birch’s Level 2 Evening ESOL Class. Sapta enjoys the fun she has with her classmates role playing different characters from real life. After a hard day of work as a machine operator at a leather company, Sapta is glad that learning English is fun.

Once a week, Sapta continues learning English with her tutor, Robin Berry. Sapta says, “I learn not just English, but life, like if I have something wrong at the bank, she can tell me.”

Sapta came to the United States 16 years ago from Indonesia, where she worked in the tourism business, often scheduling itineraries for foreigners. She thinks she has adapted well to life in America, and she especially enjoys travelling to different states. In December she took a bus to New York City to visit friends, then on to Atlanta for sightseeing, before flying back home to Dover.