Sabine Kammbach (800x600)Sabine is from Germany, where she worked in a tax consultant office for 20 years.

In 2010 when Sabine’s husband told her that his company was sending him to Mexico to work, she said, “Couldn’t you get a job in America?” Well, in 2013, that’s just what he did. Sabine and her husband relocated to the New Hampshire Seacoast. After becoming fluent in Spanish, Sabine finally could practice speaking English, a subject she had studied in school for many years.

Many times, at first, Sabine’s brain jumbled German, Spanish and English all together. Sometimes she could think of only the Spanish word when she needed the English equivalent. However, now, almost three years later, her English vocabulary is excellent, as well as her grammar and pronunciation.

Sabine says, “It was the best decision I ever made to come to school.” She can’t say enough about how much she has enjoyed meeting people from other countries and learning from them. “To live abroad is always a challenge, starting with the language.” Yet, the friendships and human connections make the experience meaningful and fun.

This spring, when Sabine and her husband relocate again, this time back to Germany to Hannoversch Munden, she says she will miss living so close to the ocean. She has grown to love the beautiful beaches in the area. She also will have fond memories of her classes here at Dover Adult Learning Center.