Randy Libby (800x600)Randy came to the Center saying, “I need to get re-educated. I need to come up to speed on academic stuff.” Due to head trauma in the past and incidents of amnesia, Randy has memory problems. He has accepted the fact that he needs to use lots of repetition and hard work in order to remember things. It also helps to have good people behind him; he appreciates Denise, Jill, Pam (both of them), Craig, and Vocational Rehabilitation for helping him.

Randy wants to be financially independent in the future. He thinks he would like to get into the Advanced Composite Program at Great Bay Community College in Rochester if he is physically able to do the work. In the past, Randy took jobs that he didn’t like; he doesn’t want to keep doing that. “That’s why now I take my education seriously. That’s why I’m glad my tutor Craig is beating algebra into my head!”

Randy says, “It’s been slow.” First he was in a basic math class, then Algebra class, then tutoring. To address his weakness in computer literacy, he is scheduled to take a computer class soon. As long as Randy perseveres to reach his goal, DALC will be right there with him.