Moloud ZarizadehA year ago, January 11, 2016, Moloud Zarizadeh came to New Hampshire from Iran with her husband, an engineering student at UNH. Almost immediately, she enrolled in Joyce’s Level 1 English class. Within a few months after that, she started meeting a volunteer tutor once a week to practice her English. Due to her husband’s studies, Moloud knows she will be here for three more years. Mostly, she will spend her time studying English. Persian, her native language, is very different from English; for example, w is pronounced as v, and v sounds like a long e.

Back in Tehran, Moloud had a job as an exercise teacher in elementary school and high school. With her background, someday Moloud would love to work in a gym in this country. Currently, she works out regularly at the UNH gym, using the treadmill and bicycle. As a student at Azad Ahwaz University she was a member of the track team, running middle distances.

 Moloud has enjoyed her year here, visiting New York City, Atlanta, Boston, and many places in New Hampshire. She would love to visit Las Vegas someday. As Moloud travels, works out, attends classes, and meets with her tutor, she keeps her top priority in mind: Learn English!