Linh Le

Linh Le Center Star 2016Linh looks forward to coming to Joyce Malley’s ESOL class every Tuesday and Thursday morning and regrets that she cannot spend more time studying English. She has an adorable nine-month-old baby boy, Dominic, who takes up most of her time.

Linh grew up in rural Vietnam with her parents and six brothers and sisters. For high school, she moved to Hue City. Between high school and college, she worked in a company for four years sewing seams in pants, jackets, and vests. In college, she studied primary education to become a teacher.

But then, one day in church, Linh met her future husband, a visiting Vietnamese-American. He is an engineer at Liberty Mutual in Portsmouth. In September 2014, Linh immigrated to the United States. She is patiently waiting the required three years before she can apply for citizenship. In the meantime, she is practicing her driving to get a driving license, enjoying the experiences of being a new mother, and, of course, learning as much English and American culture as she can every day.