Lili“I want to improve my English, writing, and speaking,” said Lili as to why she is attending English classes at DALC. More importantly, Lili wants to begin college classes to become an LNA.

She was already a nurse in Colombia, South America when her cousin introduced her to an American who was fluent in Spanish. They began communicating through emails, and he traveled back to Colombia several times before they married.

Moving from an area where temperatures she said were usually 100 degrees must have been quite an adjustment. She says she is fine with the winter here in NH. And, her six year old son loves the snow.

When Lili came to the United States in October of 2008, she said she could not speak English. She began attending classes at DALC, starting with Level 1. Over the years, she has had Joyce Malley, Pam Shore, Lien Harris, and Bill Badgley as teachers as she began learning and continuing to improve her English. She took a citizenship course with Bill, and became an American citizen.

“Lili always brings a positive attitude to class. She works hard, asks great questions, and is an important part of our classroom community,” said Bill.

Now she is looking to improve her writing and speaking enough to attend college to become an LNA. Imagine re-learning all those technical medical terms in English. A friend from China who has already become an LNA is now working to become an RNA. Her friend gave Lili a book to begin studying for her goal.

In the meantime, she loves Bill’s class. She enjoys writing and pronunciation. And, she says sometimes “he makes us laugh!”