Kelsey LittlefieldTwenty-year-old Kelsey Littlefield dreams of traveling to Hawaii and Greece. Closer to home, her dreams include a career in childcare. She loves seeing how quickly infant babies learn to sit up and crawl. She is here at Dover Adult Learning Center to improve her reading, writing, and math skills so that, ultimately, she will earn a certificate in Early Childhood Education from Great Bay College.

Since Spring 2015, Kelsey has attended class with Denise Reddington four mornings a week. She has mastered place value and understands fractions a lot better. One of the many essays she has done to practice her writing was titled, “Getting My Car.”

Thinking back to her high school years, Kelsey reflects, “Stay up with your work. Don’t fall behind. If you need help with your work, ask right away.”

When Kelsey is not in school, she works at Little Blessings Day Care in Portsmouth and at Market Basket. She also enjoys drawing and spending time with her boyfriend. And there is always studying to do!