Forty-year old Francisc Petro is from Timisoara, Romania. He stands out in his Level 3 ESL Class as the only man in a class of 13 women. Francisc speaks Romanian, Hungarian, and some Serbian in addition to English. Back in Romania, he watched American movies and understood the spoken English most of the time without having to read the Romanian subtitles. But still, he aims to become more fluent in English.

Francisc and his wife and son have been in Dover for two years, and both he and his wife work at Contitech Thermopol. He misses playing soccer with the same friends for ten years, but has filled that void with hiking and tennis here in the US. He thinks that this part of the US is the most beautiful. “I like the ocean and mountains close together, but winter is too long for us.”

When Francisc talks about his eight-year old son, he smiles. “We are here for him.” His son has fit right in to life in America to the point that his English grammar is better than his Romanian grammar. Francisc smiles and says, “The gates are open for my son.”