Faith (2)Faith Wang was excited when a company asked her husband to leave China and come to work in America. She and her husband looked forward to a new life. She says, “We love new stuff.”

Now, three years later, Faith and her husband have a sixteen-month-old son and are in the process of buying a house in Madbury. They have also learned how to cook Chinese food–from YouTube videos–since they choose to eat at home more than they did when they were in China.

Faith has a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, but because of the type of visa she has, she cannot work. That means lots of time with her son Elisha and lots of time to study English. Even though she had studied English every day since middle school in China, her initial experience here shook her confidence. Americans couldn’t understand her and she struggled to understand them. That’s because she learned English primarily through reading and writing, not speaking and listening.

Classes at Dover Adult Learning Center have given Faith plenty of practice in English pronunciation. Much more confident now, Faith has become a volunteer proctor in the computer lab, and just this month she has volunteered to captain a Red’s Race Team for DALC. Faith is true to her word–she loves new stuff!