Registration is open for Chemistry in the DALC Adult High School Diploma Program

During this course, you will learn chemistry fundamentals with a focus on real world applications. This college prep chemistry course covers inorganic, organic, and biochemistry. A self-directed online course is augmented with in-person laboratory experiments to help demonstrate concepts. The course content includes problem sets and laboratory exercises for each area. The instructor is available throughout the course to support you and ensure that you are successful in understanding chemistry. 

Course Layout

The online work is presented through Plato (Edmentum). You’ll be given credentials needed to log-in and complete each class. Please read each section carefully. It will save you lots of time as you work through the course. In-person labs are scheduled for five dates during the course. 

Class dates and times

  • Online portion: Feb.7 – May 15, 2024. 
  • In-person labs: Wednesdays, 2/21, 3/6, 3/20, 4/3, & 5/8 
  • Lab location: Dover High School, room 244.
  • Use the barcode to request a spot or CLICK HERE

Additional Class Information

  • Prerequisite (highly recommended): high school Algebra I
  • Credit: 1 adult high school diploma science credit
  • College prerequisite: This course meets the chemistry requirement for several health-related programs at Great Bay Community College

Price: $250, scholarships may be available for those with limited financial resources