A few years ago Charlene Paul made a decision to get out of the house more and do something for herself. That was when she came to classes here at Dover Adult Learning Center to earn her high school equivalency certificate. She has made a strong connection with her teachers–first Kim, then Jill, and now Courtney. They have helped her pass the math and science tests; her hardest, still to come, will be writing the essay, she thinks.

Outside of school, Charlene works at Walmart as a Floor Associate. Much better than work is the time she spends with her six-month-old granddaughter, Sistine, who is already learning to crawl and to play patty-cake.

Charlene left school in the 10th grade when she felt that she was not getting the help she needed from her teachers. Now, close to 50 years old, Charlene is determined to get a better education, mostly for the feeling of self-satisfaction, and maybe to open a door to new opportunities. She does not regret her decision to “get out of the house more.”