Ben (800x800)Jun bin He–Ben to most of us–is from Guangzhou, a city in the southern part of China near Hong Kong. In November 2015, Ben came to the United States because the woman he loved lived here. He met Aimin Tan, now his wife, through a mutual friend when she came back to China for a visit. For six years they had a long-distance relationship before they got married.

For four years in China, Ben was a teacher; he taught high school students how to build a car engine. Now, at 30 years old, Ben is the student, coming to classes here at Dover Adult Learning Center four days a week. His plan is to concentrate on learning English for a few years before getting a machinist job or something to use his mechanical engineering degree. Currently, he works at the Asia Chinese and Japanese Restaurant on Third Street in Dover.

Ben has lots of phone apps, like Duolingo and Busuu, that help him learn English. He says the teachers here are a great help, too.

Ben likes watching NBA basketball games, especially when Stephen Curry plays. He hopes to travel to New York City soon to visit the Museum of Natural History. But he’s quite happy right here in Dover where, he says, “The sky is very beautiful here.”