AmandaAmanda’s daughter, Kaitlyn, was 6 months old when Amanda began her long journey to get her high school equivalency. At the time, DALC was located in a former church on Atkinson Street. Amanda was 10 points short of getting her GED when time ran out on the old GED and NH adopted the new HiSET. So, Amanda started over, preparing to pass the five needed tests to achieve her high school equivalency.

She attends Pam Shore and Kim Hanson’s morning ABE classes, Monday through Thursday. Each morning she also brings her younger sister, Kerrisa. Amanda says she has not missed a single class of Kim’s, and only one of Pam’s. She loves both classes. Amanda reports that they have a lot of group work, a lot of hands on work, and projects — besides being entertained. She has not passed any of the five tests yet, and expects that math will be one of the last subjects to test – because it is the toughest, she says.

Amanda is not sure what she wants to do once she obtains her HiSET. She is thinking about massage therapy, also office work.

She does have an inspiration – finishing for her sister. Kerrisa and Amanda have not seen their sister for the past six years. Her sister’s husband is in the military. But, the couple is due back in March. Phone calls are too expensive, so they have been communicating electronically.

It is obvious that Amanda is looking forward to seeing her long-absent sister — and that Amanda will be getting her HiSET to celebrate.