On Location Advanced Photo Class! White Balance, Bracketing Exposures, Flash Balance @ Prescott Park and Portsmouth Center

Tuition: $35.00 Dover Residents: $30.00

Date: Saturday, June 2, 2018

Time: 8:30 am - 10:30 am

This advanced class is for those who have cameras with interchangeable lens, or those with a camera that has settings or a dial displaying a non-green “A” or “Av” setting. We’ll cover using white balance settings for creative control, use of histograms, bracketing exposures for the best image tones, using exposure compensation controls, and balancing your pop up flash outdoors with natural light. For cameras with built in pop up flashes we’ll cover uses, and how to balance your flash with the outdoor or ambient natural light to create photos that display background details while lighting up your subject for pleasing skin tones. We’ll hike around Portsmouth center to Prescott Park. Rain Date, Sunday 6/3/18.

*Meeting on site. We’ll be meeting at the market square corner in Portsmouth at 8:30 in front of the bakery where the motorcycles park in the summer. I’ll have on a leather jacket and white cap.


Taught by:

Allan Wood

Allan Wood has been involved with graphics and photography for over 35 years. He has spent nearly 25 years as an educator and has had his own portrait and photo lab business for 6 years. He spent 12 years teaching at McIntosh College where he also researched and developed the successful Associate's Degree program in Digital Photography, where he also taught most of the courses. His book "The Graphic Designer's Digital Toolkit" is now in its 5th edition integrating traditional graphic design concepts with technologies in Adobe computer graphics. He created an academic web site at His images have appeared in magazines, cards, and calendars. His recent projects include developing a New England lighthouse tourism Web site at, photographing all 168 of New England's lighthouses, and publishing a new book entitled "New England Lighthouse Stories: Shipwrecks, Rescues, and Hauntings".

Market Square corner
in front of the bakery where motorcyles park in summer
Portsmouth, NH Map and Directions

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