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Taking Wicked Good Pictures-Mini Course Part I-How to Figure Out your DSLR Camera


This two part course involves classroom instruction on learning about your camera and its special features for taking great pictures; then we’ll go out the following day and shoot. This beginner course is for those who want to start to take their cameras off the “Auto settings” and explore some creative camera tools, and learn to see in composing images. Your camera should either be an advanced point and shoot that has settings or a dial displaying a non-green “A” or “Av” setting, or one that uses interchangeable lenses (DSLR). This first class is an indoor class in learning about your camera and its important features in using the aperture for depth of filed, shutter speed, metering, camera care, lenses, filters, accessories, and other important settings to take great pictures. Bring your camera’s manual.

McConnell Center Room 220

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