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Taking Wicked Good Pictures Mini Course: Part 2 On Location at Great Bay Wildlife Refuge


This beginner class involves the following day after the “classroom” where we go out to shoot. Here you will be learning to use selective focus called “Depth of Field” to either blur out backgrounds, or to make everything sharp in an image by controlling the Aperture and Shutter Speed combination (with ISO or “camera speed” settings) on your camera for landscapes, portraits, and close ups. Your camera should either be an advanced point and shoot that has settings to display a non-green “A” or “Av” setting, or one that uses interchangeable lenses (DSLR). We’ll hike around a very level course at the Great Bay Wildlife Refuge. You’ll also learn to use your pop up flash outdoors for portraits and flower photography. We’re going to create images involving compositional elements in the use of color, or absence of color, angle of view, rule of thirds, leading lines, 50/50, framing, etc.

* We’ll meet promptly at 8:30 AM at the parking lot at the refuge. Take a right inside Pease Airforce Base, follow signs for refuge, then at rotary, continue on Arboretum Drive a few miles to the parking lot (keep driving to the end). I’ll have on a white hat

Rain Date , Sunday May 20, 2018

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